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Item #691
Author: Mario J. Davila

Price: $60
Shipping: $4.25

The author notes that the original book of marriages was written by Franciscan friars, and adds that this interpretation permits rapid access to its contents, as well as how to retrieve images of the original documents. He has edited other information for better grouping and for future studies. Has handy Index for men and for women. Has 346 entries.Charleston, SC, 2015 1st Ed., 8&1/2 x 11 Size, 172 Pgs., PB.
Item #1144
SUMARIA RELACION DE LAS COSAS DE LA NUEVA ESPANA, Con Noticia Individual de los Conquistadores y Primeros Pobladores Espanoles
Author: Baltasar Dorantes de Carranza

Price: $80
Shipping: $6

Written by the son of one of the companions of Cabeza de Vaca's companions in his history making odyssey, this volume contains a wealth of genealogical/historical information on the original families of the conquistadors and early settlers of New Spain. Written in 1604, this narration is a reprint of the first edition published in 1902 by the National Museum of Mexico, now available with a new Hardcover. One of the best books on early families in New Spain. Mexico City, 1987, 2nd Ed., SPTXT, 450 Pgs. HB.
Item #971
WITH ALL ARMS, A Study of a Kindred Group
Author: Carl L. Duaine

Price: $100
Shipping: $7

Edited by Laurence A. Duaine. This classic work in Hispanic genealogy(1st Ed, 1988) has been revised and edited by Alan Duaine, the author's son with minor corrections while retaining the original text. The index has been significantly expanded to record all names mentioned in the text, with the bibliography similarly extended. Noted historian and illustrator, Jack Jackson from Austin, Texas, has contributed 15 masterful and dramatic pen and ink sketches. A major objective of this edition has been to make it available and affordable to new generations of readers and researchers.
With All Arms has become the "bible" for persons with roots in Northern Mexico. Duaine found-in the study of the ancestry of his mother, the daughter of Juan Rios and Macedonia Ramírez, both from Mier, Mexico-that many of the families who settled along the Rio Grande were related and that his grandmother's line tied in with many of the 150-200 families who settled New Spain's Northeastern Frontier. Major sources for the study came from civil and church records in Texas and Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Durango and Zacatecas in Mexico. Austin, Texas 2004 Las Animas Press, 2nd Ed., 404 Pgs.,(with dust jacket) 8 &1/2 x 11 size, HB.